A) Skirting boards, Architraves and mouldings

RUSHCLIFFE HOMEWORK can replace or match any existing skirting board or architrave in your home, modernise your home with thicker architrave and deeper skirting board. It always looks a lot smarter to fit replacement skirting board onto a new floor surface, with the array of MDF moulding available today you could fit ready primed skirting without knots and shakes, or perhaps knots and shakes are exactly what you want for character. You can still easily acquire Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian style skirting boards now, classic styles like Ogee, Torus and Ovolo ('Lambs Tongue'), or more modern styles like chamfered, bullnose and burford, you could fit oak veneer skirting board and architrave and nobody but you would know that it wasn't solid oak.

Rushcliffe Country Park